Our students get full-fledged internships because we are close to corporations. Our students work on the front lines in the real world for long periods (40 days of actual work).

internshipThe internships at the Department of Building Technologists are available for construction businesses and related industries; one of IOT’s curriculum principles being that students participate on-site for construction or manufacturing duties. Compared with other universities, our internships are overwhelmingly strong in practical application. Moreover, internships through the Department of Building Technologists are recognized as curriculum for first and second-class architecture licenses and wooden architecture examinations.

Basic Internship

For second grade students, a two month period in the second quarter (40 days)

The basic internship exposes students to a number of realities in the construction business and related operations. Through these practical experiences with process planning, management, and safety at construction sites, interns consider personal roles and future aims.

Advanced Internships

For fourth grade students in their first through third quarters, for two months (40 days) or four months (80 days)

Fourth grade students, having completed the basic internship in the second grade, and with specialized studies in the third grade, can work with purpose in gaining abilities for employment in the techniques and technologies of a specialized field, and experience project planning, on-site management, construction, or production planning.

IOT 5th in Internship Participation Rate for Japanese Universities

In 2011, Asahi Shimbun’s University Ranking had IOT 5th in the rate of internship participation out of 746 Japanese schools. The internship from the Department of Building Technologists is recognized as designated curriculum for first and second-class architecture examinations and a wooden construction examination.

Examples of IOT Internships

Basic internship for second grade students

Major Construction Company Architectural Design Office
As an assistant of a supervisor, one of our students experienced the progress of a large scale project by keeping records at a construction site for a hospital expansion, from the foundation to the erection of steel beams. This was a study in the operational development and management of a final design from a basic plan, and assisting with the making of models and drawings using CAD.
Specialized Plasterwork Company Highway Administrator
While moving around various construction sites of a company specializing in plasterwork, there were chances to receive instructions on the basics of plasterwork, trainee work doing simple tasks, and preparation help with tools and materials for plasterwork. This was a personal experience of organizing and categorizing huge volumes of recorded data, and a study in improving barrier-free areas, managing the construction of roads, and observation of various road construction sites.
Furniture and Fixtures Specialty Firm Local Construction Company
This diversified personal experience was a study about the relationships between buildings, fixtures, and furniture with operations at construction work sites involving building, materials production, the making of drawings, and measuring locations for installations. This was a personal experience assisting the management construction operations in the flow of a large-scale remodeling (removing the existing interior and refinishing) of a wedding hall.

Advanced internships for fourth grade students

Major Construction Company Traditional Wooden Architecture Construction
A major company offered employment to a student with background training and understanding of fundamental matters of work procedures, safety control, and keeping records. A student with an earnest attitude was offered a job, being positively evaluated, after assisting on-site with traditional methods for internal and external construction of temples and shrines, preserving traditional Japanese methods.
Renovation Contractor Landscape Gardening
Employment was offered to a student who performed the work operations related to process management, construction plans, estimations, and confirming orders on-site for a small-to-medium sized renovation company. A student was offered a job after wanting an interview as the result of experiencing the flow of work and helping with construction, operations, and management of new project sites and park maintenance.
Bridge PC Specialty Construction Test and Research Institution
A student who completed a basic internship resulted, from a positive evaluation, in a job offer at the same company. It was a study in large-scale PC construction processions on-site, and the supervising work procedures of a specialized company in bridge construction. As a part of a graduating research project, experiences were used from a specialty wood testing laboratory, like the gathering, organizing, and preparation of experimental data.