Obtainable Licenses

The following qualifications can be obtained through examinations which coincide with enrollment in IOT curriculum.

Eligible for Type of qualification or license
Students / graduates Professional Engineer Assistant; Commercial Space Assistant Designer
Students Fundamental Information Technology Engineer; Crane Operator;
Small Mobile Crane Operator; Hi-lift Driver; Fork Lift Operator; Small Construction Vehicle Operator
Students Work tests such as carpentry and landscaping for Grade Two or Grade Three of the Trade Skill Testing & Certification; Designated training for arc welding operations
Upon graduation, students gain the necessary requirements for a number of qualification examinations
Eligible for Type of qualification or license
Graduates EI (Engineering Intern); EIT(Engineering In Training); 2nd-Class Kenchikushi (architect); Mokuzo License (wooden architecture);Assistant Registered Surveyor
Examples of qualifications students can take examinations for, with work experience
Eligible for Type of qualification or license
Graduates PE(Professional Engineer); 1st-Class Kenchikushi (architect); Registered Surveyor; Construction Engineer Manager (civil engineering; construction; electrical construction; plumbing; landscaping; construction machinery)