Introduction to Model Programs

Each of the four model programs prepares young technologists to leap into the twenty-first century.

Timber Construction Program

Timber Construction ProgramFor Japanese universities, this architectural curriculum is unique. Students acquire practical techniques for wooden architecture, and training covers a wide range of subjects: how wood materials perform, an introduction to joining/binding, and wood processing.

Structure Construction Program

Structure Construction ProgramStudents build real structures from exercises that reinforce a wide range of techniques; they also acquire a wide range of skills, like building diagnosis and preservation, and start with reinforced concrete and steel structures as well as temporary constructions.

Finishing and Interior Program

Finishing and Interior ProgramStudents learn internal and external finishing techniques to protect buildings from weather. Students acquire a wide range of skills, from landscaping to understanding interior equipment, and they begin paint finishing and wet finishing structures.

Architecture Design Program

Architecture Design ProgramStudents learn practical architectural design techniques as prerequisites for individual creations, and they acquire diversified abilities for structural, wooden building, and finishing designs.