Architecture Design Program

Brief Summary

Students learn techniques for practical architectural designs that they build. They also acquire diversified skills for wooden, structural, and finishing designs.


This course includes research and education on specialized skills and related knowledge for designing based on structural properties and characteristics. Comprehensive design ability is required for proper form, structure, and finishing of wooden structures, reinforced concrete or steel frame buildings.


Of the related program curricula—Timber Construction, Structure Construction, Finishing and Interior—this course specifically focuses on planning and designing. Students acquire the necessary, fundamental knowledge and skills for designing. This course curriculum allots for a comprehensive understanding of planning and designing interior and exterior buildings.

Wooden Architectural Design

Wooden Architectural Design02 Wooden Architectural Design01Students explore designing a medium-sized space inside a wooden construction by designing a small community building. Students assemble the structure of the frame in either standard size or as a 1:10 model.

Structural Design

Structural Design02 Structural Design01Students apply analysis from basic structures including truss and rigid frame, to design fundamentals of various structures, like reinforced concrete, or study the fundamental designs of individual structures. Based on these developments, the graduating class of 2006 made an arch with an application of a tensegrity structure and hybrid laminated lumber.

Comprehensive Construction Design

Comprehensive Construction Design02 Comprehensive Construction Design01Students learn various indigenous architectural methods used world-wide in consideration of the global environmental problems and natural disasters. Students then work in teams to build shelters with inexpensive materials, with budgets not exceeding 10,000 yen.