Finishing and Interior Program

Brief Summary

Students study exterior and interior techniques to protect buildings from weather; they acquire a wide range of skills related to landscaping, use of interior equipment, wet finishing and painting.


This program includes research and education in specialized skills and related knowledge for equipment, building finishes, installations, parts, and dry goods. Students acquire techniques for integrated management of various jobs, like handling equipment technologies and understanding foundational structures and the related materials, parts, and finishing products for buildings.


This curriculum allots for a necessary and comprehensive understanding of cost estimation, construction methods and processes, and materials used for finishing and foundations, as well as methods for dividing units, installing, decorating, curing of wet materials, temporary constructions, dry materials, metal materials; in addition, students study new materials with their construction methods, maintenance, and renovation.

Wet Finishing Training

Wet Finishing Training02 Wet Finishing Training01Plastering is one of the basic wet finishing techniques the training helps students acquire. Students also strengthen their understanding of the meaning of finishing in relation to the environment by comparing various materials and methods with historical materials and construction choices.

Waterproofing and Painting Training

Waterproofing and Painting Training02 Waterproofing and Painting Training01Students acquire basic experience handling overlaying methods such as painting, sealing, dry finishing (cloth plastering). Students learn techniques to protect buildings from external environmental factors such as rain, ultraviolet light or dust as a macro technical approach while undertaking basic experimentation and demonstrating micro reactions and changes in material properties and compositions.

Landscape Architecture Training

Landscape Architecture Training02 Landscape Architecture Training01Students are assigned comprehensive planning and partial construction of gardens, landscapes, exteriors, outdoor structures, roof-top gardens, gardening, and landscape designs.