Structure Construction Program

Brief Summary

Students study basic to state-of-the-art techniques and practice making real structures, like temporary constructions, steel frames, or the start of reinforced concrete; they also acquire skills for building diagnosis and preservation, or to address structural performance.


This program includes educational research from specialists’ knowledge on matters like steel frame and stone masonry for constructing buildings using materials with plasticity—such as concrete, soil, or stones. Respectively, considerations on the practical effectiveness and social capital are taken. Students acquire basic building maintenance techniques of technology, site management, and building methods for iron and concrete structural materials.


Our curriculum allots for a comprehensive and necessary understanding of cost estimation and processes, coordinating temporary construction, structures, and material performance; additionally, students acquire methods for constructing with new technologies, new materials, and basic techniques for cures, temporary construction, diagnosis, measurements, molding, and assembly of various structures: like reinforced concrete, steel, soil, outdoor, landscape and hybrid.

Reinforced Concrete (RC) Construction Training

Reinforced Concrete (RC) Construction Training02Reinforced Concrete (RC) Construction Training01With a focus on support, and to strengthen an understanding of safety, students train in technologies for lifting, holding, and moving along with related crane methods, rope tethering, slinging, and jacking; students ascertain the weight and center of gravity of target objects while studying tool selection methods.

Steel Structure Construction Training

Steel Structure Construction Training02Steel Structure Construction Training01To strengthen understanding of quality control of steel structures, students learn the approprite sequences of construction, focusing on the assembly of parts, then train by constructing a frame structure of thin, light steel sheets and a model three-dimensional steel frame.

Comprehensive Structural Training

Comprehensive Structural Training02 Comprehensive Structural Training01For construction of high-quality RC structures, students acquire methods for working drawings (formwork, bar assembly), assembling formwork, forming rebar, erecting scaffolding, pouring concrete, and curing; this training also includes ground surveys for basic structures.