Timber Construction Program

Brief Summary

For Japanese universities, our architectural curriculum is a unique development and a chance to study practical techniques for wooden architecture. Students acquire a wide range of subjects, from how wood materials perform and appropriate processing methodologies to joining/binding.


Students acquire the basic skills and techniques for wooden architecture through a comprehensive understanding of wooden materials with traditional techniques and creative devise. To acquire more specialized skills and techniques in restoration and repair, or for the reconstruction of traditional buildings, this program includes research and education in specialized skills and related areas of knowledge.


Students take allotted curriculum courses required for a comprehensive understanding of construction methods, superstructures, frameworks, substructures of wooden buildings, surveys, operations, structural traits, construction methods, stereotomy, qualities of wood materials, temporary construction, building, frameworks, installation, and marking

Basic Woodworking and Carpentry

Basic Woodworking and Carpentry02Basic Woodworking and Carpentry01Centering on cutting, students acquire the necessary basic skills for materials processing. Hands-on sessions in sawing, using a mortise chisel, planning, and perforating are practiced along with sharpening tools and a strengthened understanding of tools and processing.

Applied Woodworking and Carpentry Training

Applied Woodworking and Carpentry Training02Applied Woodworking and Carpentry Training01For training in wooden construction, students build an actual one-story model frame with a wooden framework method of construction. In building this model, students comprehensively study wooden construction, inspection of included elements, processing, temporary plans, manufacturing parts, and construction drawings (actual sizes).

Comprehensive Wooden Construction Training

Comprehensive Wooden Construction Training02Comprehensive Wooden Construction Training01Surveying and measuring temples and shrines built using traditional construction methods, students restore wooden arbors or frameworks of old temples and shrines using previously learned stereotomy techniques, wood allocation and carpentry skills; thus, students acquire construction techniques, design methods, and development of actual sizes.