" An Introduction to Peter F. Drucker --- Eight Faces "
translated from Weekly Toyo-keizai, 2001.6.9-7.28

First Week:
Why a Drucker boom again?
--- Read by young executives in this time of change
Second Week:
The man who invented management
--- A face as a management thinker
Third Week:
The wisdom to get through the knowledge society
--- Everyone is an executive
Fourth Week:
Management as a liberal art
--- A prime requirement for professionals
Fifths Week:
Managing yourself
--- How to be a change leader
Sixth Week:
What makes people happy
--- In search of a non-economic society
Seventh Week:
Information revolution changes the world
--- There you play the leading role
Eighth Week:
Who is Drucker?
--- Drucker talks of the future that has already happened

This English version is dedicated to Prof. Peter F. Drucker. Appearing as a serial interview in the Weekly Toyokeizai, one of the most influential economic magazines in Japan, for eight weeks, beginning June 9th, 2001, this article is based on an interview of Atsuo Ueda by Hiroyasu Isaka, editor of Toyokeizai, translated by Akiko Miura Nunn, Seattle, Washington.

Atsuo Ueda is Professor of Social Studies and Management, Institute of Technologists, Saitama, Japan, and a former director of Keidanren, Japan Federation of Economic Organizations. He has been a translator and editor of Drucker's works for thirty years. He translated most of Drucker's works into Japanese and edited "The Essential Drucker" (2000), "Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices---Essential Version (Japanese)" (2001) and "Drucker Sayings:vol.1-4 (Japanese)" (2003). He is a member of the nomination committee for Eiichi Shibusawa award for the best practice of social innovation by small businesses.

This is a site of Professor Ueda Atsuo at Institute of Thechnologists.