Job placement support,Internship

Job placement support

Job placement ratio (from 2005 to 2023 results) *Job placement rate for private sector job seekers
Faculty of Technologists 96.5%


Nation-leading small-class system

  • 9 guided students per academic staff
  • Support by not only academic staff but also staff members and outside career counselors

Various support systems

  • Job placement seminars about 15 times per year
  • Training camp to enhance job placement ability
  • Corporate research exchange meeting with approximately 190 companies
  • A realistic mock interview
  • Holding individual company information sessions according to students’ wishes
  • Fundamental Competencies for Working Persons Course held as a class from 1st year to 4th year.



Interest in internships: 97.1%


What outcomes were gained from internships? (Students’ comments)

  • I learned how to get the job done
  • I was able to obtain useful information for my job search.
  • I realized the importance of reporting, contacting, and consulting.
  • I realized the importance of safety awareness
  • I realized the importance of university lectures
  • I gained initiative