Department of Manufacturing Technologists

Department of Manufacturing Technologists

The Institute provides state-of-the-art practical skills for technologist so that you can become a future manufacturing industry leader.

To create good products, it is necessary to understand the material features and principles of machines and devices and to acquire practical manufacturing techniques and skills for quality and productivity. During your freshman and sophomore years, you learn the basic theories of engineering and manufacturing through experiments and you acquire the basics of technology and production, such as welding and cutting, through exercises. In your junior year, you advance to the next stage to learn different manufacturing techniques in different fields and high-level skills so that you can immediately become effective and available as a design and development engineer or a product management operator for a manufacturing company. Our practical exercises provide you with an opportunity to get up-to-date information and knowledge from many instructors who work on-site as engineers using the same machines and devices actually used at corporate manufacturing sites. Our school is the only educational institute in Japan that guarantees an authentic environment for creativity.


The Institute has a well-balanced package of subjects necessary for manufacturing industrial products, including machinery, processing, design, materials, CAD, electricity, electronics, robot, computer, organizational management and safety management. In your junior year, you develop specialized knowledge in four model programs. In your junior and senior year, you can take the internship program in which you undergo on-the-job training at a company. In addition, you put much energy into special research and production activities for graduation in your senior year.

The Machine Design Program

How machines can work in harmony with people? Harmony between people and the environment, and not just the creation of “things,” will be required of manufacturing in the future. From this viewpoint, students in our machine design course will learn through hands-on-experience the basics of designing and manufacturing by acquiring the necessary knowledge and techniques related to machine elements, mechanical mechanics, material engineering, and machining processes. We aim for engineers who can form ideas that meet the needs of society.

The Robotics System Program

Learn advanced technologies for control of high functioning robots and automated machines with the basics of mechatronics technologies such as mechanical systems, electronic circuits, and programming. The various learning contents cover sensors, actuators, microcomputers, software language, automation technology, and intelligent control. Acquiring integration technologies of information with machinery, and electronics that support the social infrastructure of the future are aims of this course.

AI / Information Systems Course

The technologies for detecting, analyzing and estimating various phenomena and moving things efficiently have advanced with the development of AI, IoT, and data science. In parallel, life-enhancing systems like autonomous driving, nursing care assistance, telemedicine as well as automation systems for manufacturing in agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery are quickly progressing. To learn the latest of these various technologies, we will study ICT in combination with AI, data science, and IoT, this course explores new manufacturing approaches in the AI era.

The Production Systems Course

Acquire the management techniques such as production line design, quality control and production and abilities to make proposals for an environment of efficient manufacturing based on basic machining technology. Our curriculum uses state-of-the-art tools and measurement equipment used in actual manufacturing sites, and our lectures by experienced teachers develop production engineers who are ready for action, attracting world-wide attention, and this course also features comprehensive study of manufacturing management with the Toyota Production System.

Student Activities

Our students design and produce robots and formula cars by putting their acquired knowledge and expertise to their utmost use and participate in special contests and competitions.