Graduate School of Technologists

Graduate School of Technologists

Exploring the Ideals and Future of Manufacturing

Graduate School of Technologists was established in April 2005 with the aim of producing engineers capable of understanding and practicing excellent manufacturing by conducting research and development of advanced technologies and exploring traditional and highly skilled practices from an academic perspective, without being bound by existing academic systems, industrial structures, or occupational skills. The goal is to develop engineers with the ability to understand and practice excellent craftsmanship. To this end, the curriculum of the Graduate School of Technologists is designed to enable students to effectively acquire practical skills through practical training and internships that introduce realistic practical issues, as well as comprehensive skills that enable them to envision and solve their own research problems. The University’s postgraduate curriculum is based on the principle that students choose the topic of their master’s thesis, and applicants are required to submit their thoughts about their thesis in writing in advance, along with their reasons for applying, and to consult with relevant University faculty in advance to ensure that their thesis is a substantial Master’s thesis. We welcome applicants who wish to make use of their previous educational and professional achievements, regardless of their field, and who wish to work in a wide range of areas related to manufacturing. We invite you to enroll in our Graduate School and open the door to the future together with your supervisor.


Postgraduate Curriculum The Graduate School is a single school based on the Department of Information Science and Mechatronics Engineering and the Department of Construction at the Faculty of Technical Crafts of Institute of Technologists. The core area of education and research in the graduate school is Technologists Studies, an unprecedented new complex field. The studies is based on the existing undergraduate field of ‘Technical Craft Studies,’ but is not a separate and specialized exploration of this field, but rather covers a wider range of areas with advanced manufacturing practice in mind.